Welcome on summer camp in Kalmar!

International scouts

In 2023, we can finally carry out Vasalägret that was canceled in 2020.
We in the Camp Committee want to invite your scout group to participate in this fantastic camp.
The date of the camp is 30/7-5/8, the Trackers connect 2/8.

The Campsite

The campsite for Vasalägret 2023 will be Ljungnäs 20 km north from Kalmar, Sweden


The programme days are planned to consist of having activities either one morning or one afternoon each day. During the times you do not have activity it is free to do what you want it is planned to be program boxes in the program tent to borrow during the days. There will be activities for Trackers (8-9 years old), Explorers (10-11 years old), Adventurers (12-14 years old) Challengers (15-18 years old)

More about the program comes in the next camp letter.

Camp fee

Full week 30/7-5/8 (Explorers, Adventurer, Challengers and Leader): 1800 SEK
Half Week 2/8-5/8 (Tracker): 1000 SEK

The camp fee is so far preliminary, so it may change later.

The camp fee includes activities, food, toilets, etc.